What Is A Smart City


A smart city is a place where its environment, connectivity, infrastructures and services are developed in an integrated way, enabling the inhabitants and visitors, and easier, healthier life and less costly place to live and do daily transactions (healthcare, school, work, waste management, energy, water, shopping, mobility, housing, etc.) = SMART LIVING.

Administration Centric:

A city where its administrators can develop, manage, govern, maintain its infrastructures in an integrated, sustainable, energy and environment friendly way and by always putting people and their wellbeing at the front of the proposition, monitor what is happening in the city and how the city is evolving, and at the same time reduce costs and resource consumption = SMART WORKING

Infrastructure Centric:

By 2025 the world will have 80 billion sensor devices (IoT) providing greater connectivity based on enormous amounts of data. With the right systems in place along with quality control and data analysis, it is possible to ensure that smart city infrastructure and assets are optimized for efficiency, sustainability and safety = SMART INFRASTRUCTURE

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