Innovation Living LAB Projects


Promote innovation and change by working and testing in a real city environment (sandbox) and solving real problems with real solutions by brainstorming, designing, modeling and testing smart city solutions and technologies and their feasibility.

Project development methodology

• Analyzing requirements and setting priorities
• Solution design and business model
• Feasibility and sustainability study
• Public-private partnership


• Prototype and test
• Scale expansion and deployment Participants
• Public bodies participating in smart city projects
• Industry and companies with commercial interests
• Technology and solutions providers
• Universities that have smart city research and development projects
• Professors, alumni, students, visionaries and enthusiasts of the private city

Target projects

• Electric Vehicles with Renewable Energy Charging Infrastructure (Get Ready for the Near Future)
• Parking in Libya (a problem solver) Pedestrian crossing (problem solving)
• Joint mobility and division of parking areas (innovation)
• Smart Electronic Healthcare Patient Record (Complementary / Innovative)
• Renewable energy applications, infrastructure and regulations (problem solving)
• Autonomous Public Transport (Innovation)
• Public transport – bus stops, frequency announcement timing (complementary), new light
• Lanes for cycling (innovation)


> The Libyan Smart Cities Association takes the lead and coordinates the project under the auspices and support of the relevant public and governmental authority
> Developing Public-Private Partnerships: Industry + Technology Solutions Providers + authorities + investors + universities
> Expansion and sustainability plan
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